Birth of the Peru Journey – April/May, 2012

Birth of the Peru Journey – In concept: many many months ago.   In action: April/May, 2012

Title: Children’s Journey to Peru – For Earth and Peace

Supporting the Children’s Mission

The building of the journey, and the plan to make a documentary: Children about Children.

Carl’s thoughts and ideas, most significantly 1) for all the energy to come from the children, so, for the elders to send their energy to the children so it can go out through them, and 2) for other children in other areas to be invited to do an energy ceremony same day as our primary ceremony for the increase in overall energy output, and 3) for them to be photographed or video-taped for Carl to incorporate into one documentary film of the Journey.

For the traveling journey: Invite: Hawaiian, Hopi, Navajo, Mayan, American

Connect with Cusco orphanage, can stay with them? Would be fabulous to commune with Peruvian children. Ceremony with Peruvian children a key thing!




Goal: to have this mix of the beautiful children above, and these, in one picture…

…doing their work together.


For the gathering groups: Invite/ask the older youth that have been here, who are leaders in their own right by virtue of their open hearts, awareness of community/world issues, and dedication to making the world a better place…to gather and host children’s groups wherever in the world they might be on that day.  Next goal: to have all of the children aware of each other, in different areas, doing their work…in one larger group…together still.

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