Film Maker

Carl, now 16, has video-taped our Youth Summit on Maui, August 8, 2015. He passed a certification course on Maui with our public TV station and was granted use of their equipment – a wondrous gift. He is in the process of editing the footage collected from the youth speakers and will be producing the film shortly – being presented here on this site, on YouTube, Facebook and other social media, and run on T.V. by AKAKU. We wish for the children/youth to be heard long-range and this film is a tribute to their courage and steadfastness in their determination to be Heard.

Carl now lives in Southern California with his grandmother, and is doing his work from there as well as from Maui when he visits. Currently video-taping our Youth Think Tank being held today, Saturday, December 19th.

Carl, 12 years old, wants to make a documentary of children working to help heal the Earth and for World Peace in the way of sending their energy out to the world, from recognized places of power like Machu Picchu in Peru, and by speaking Truth about the state of the Earth and the way people get along, or can. Please see Children’s Journey to Peru for details on this trek. He envisions other groups of children joining in from wherever on the Earth they gather, doing same ceremony, sending out their energy, their Love, at the same time as those on the trek. He will then incorporate film and photographs of those groups into his documentary film.

Carl with pack-crop

It is time to Listen to the Children, for Earth and Peace.

Carl’s Travels

Civil Rights Exhibit in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Photographer Dan Budnik, Carl shown here with Dan Budnik.

All Nations Pow-Wow

Hopi Dance


Anasazi Ruins

Grand Canyon

Archaeological Dig and Four Corners