Peru Journey

Children’s Journey to Peru Mission Statement

A Children’s journey of several cultures to Peru and Bolivia for the Earth and Peace. Joining with Peruvian children, supported by our Elders, to send energy out, and speak out, to help heal the Earth, live wholesomely, and bring Peace throughout the world.  Journeys took place in 2012/2013, next one scheduled for June 25th – July 16th, 2016.


We will gather some children from various cultures and journey to Peru and Bolivia to do this work, teaming up with Peruvian children and inviting other children from around the world to join in from their areas doing their Ceremony and Conference, at the same time. Older Youths will gather these children and host the event in their area.  This Journey, and these groups of Children, will be filmed or photographed, and a documentary film including interviews of the children, made to share with the world as a potent inspiration for others to Listen to the Children, for the Earth and Peace.

See Film Maker for the story on one of our Film Makers.

We ask for your support, your graciousness in contributing what you can to reach what is needed to make this project happen. Since we are seeking to fund the entire Journey, Elders included, we also ask that you recommend this trek for the Children’s work, and the making of this film to your friends and associates. We thank you!!

We have people confirmed that are prepared to make the journey, people that are prepared to host children’s groups in their area, and guides standing ready in Peru to confirm the logistics of our arrival and journey. We have only to receive the funding to move forward. We are looking to travel next for 2 1/2  to 3 weeks, June 25th – July 16th, 2016.

Journeys took place in 2012/2013. Pictures/posts can be seen on our Blog here, and on our Facebook page.