Doing things with energy

By Christopher

 1.You can connect with energy by deep breaths. And focus on one thing.

2.You can make a path for the energy.

3.It works better with eyes closed.

4.It can travel as far as you want it to.

5.Everything is energy.

6.Everybody can use energy.

7.you can see through trees with energy.

8.Energy powers you up.

9.Everybody is energy.

10.There is positive and negative energy.

11.A candle will help.

12.Also a dark room will help.

13.You pull down strings of energy   .

14.You can play with energy.

15.If you have the right energy it will work.

16.Energy bending is another thing I do

17.Thinking is energy.

18.Colors are energy.

19.Closing your eyes will help you think.

20.Invite people by energy.

21.Play energy balls.

22.Defend yourself with energy.

23.We are all a part of god.

24.You are energy.

25.Everybody is energy.