Youth Think Tanks

Children and older Youth are now gathering monthly for a Youth Think Tank (and Nature Kids Kamp for the younger ones to make sure we are all having lots of Funn as well…while connecting with Nature).  We have just had our first on Saturday, October 10, 2015, following the Youth Summit that took place in August on Maui, the film of which is now viewable from our Home page. A couple of youth from California flew in for this.

November began our Think Tanks in Southern California as well, and the next in Montebello, California is on Saturday, December 19th, matching the date of the next Maui meeting. We are seeking interested youth that live in the Southern California area to take part in the mission to educate and become more educated in local community issues, expanding to the global issues that affect our individual communities, and to then join a larger group comprised of other communities coming together in Washington D.C. to speak from the Lincoln Memorial.

An educational component has just been added to the Think Tanks, prompted by one of our youths (one of our young film-makers), who feels it important for the speaking youth to become, and stay, informed about the deeper truths to the growing issues of individual sustainable communities including food and economy issues, global warming, world peace…

Our Think Tanks will soon start-up in the communities where we have identified youth that will be traveling to Washington D.C.:  Navajo, Hopi, the Amazon, Peruvian Andes, Sweden, Mexico.